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Air cooler layout requirements

Air cooler layout of the general requirements:
1. Air cooler (hereinafter referred to as air cooler) should be arranged on the leeward side of the annual minimum frequency wind direction;
2. Air cooler should be arranged above the main gallery, the top of the framework or tower;
3. Air cooler should not be arranged at the operating temperature equal to or higher than the ignition point of the material and transportation, storage of liquefied hydrocarbon equipment above; Otherwise, non-combustion materials should be used partition isolation protection;
4. When multiple sets of air coolers are arranged together, they should be arranged in the same form and should be arranged in an in-line arrangement; part of the air-conditioners should be arranged in rows and arranged in rows;
5. Inclined roof-type air cooler should not be facing the ventilation of the dominant summer wind direction. Oblique-top air-cooler should be arranged in columns, such as arranged in rows, the middle of the two rows should have a space of not less than 3m;
6. Arranged side by side between the two humidification air coolers or dry air coolers framework of the distance between the columns should not be less than 3m;
7. Air cooler tubes at both ends of the tube and transmission machinery should be set up platform;
8. Arrange the air cooler on the side of the structure or main gallery ground should have the necessary maintenance sites and access.
The above content is based on the actual problems encountered by the students finishing for reference, if you have any questions, please communicate and correct.

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